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TOPPER CO. is a leading water well service company in the  US Southwest.  Since 1974 they have been assisting land owners in developing water resources through the installation of windmills, solar pumps, submersible pumps, tanks and water lines.  They are the experts.


As a result of the severe ongoing drought TOPPER CO. saw the need for better water storage products.  This lead them to  AQUAMATE, an Australian manufacturer of poly lined steel tanks. These innovative tanks have been used in Australia for decades.  They provide big advantages over old  fashioned  concrete, fiberglass and black poly tanks.

AQUAMATE tanks are extremely rugged with galvanized steel walls, full coverage steel roofs on galvanized trusses and tough internal liners.  They come in various capacities up to 65,000 gallons. TOPPER CO. trained personnel assemble them on site - usually in less than two days, with no concrete foundation required.  You are protected with a prorated 20 year warranty.  

 WESTERN STATES WATER SOLUTIONS was created as a new division of TOPPER CO. to handle AQUAMATE tanks - the perfect water storage solution for water wells, livestock use, rain catchment and fire protection.

Read on, because all Australian style water tanks are not created equal.   

There's a reason TOPPER CO. chose AQUAMATE


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AQUAMATE  Water Tanks
South Australia

In the early 1980's AQUAMATE began life by repairing leaking concrete water storage tanks with newly developed poly liners.  Then, like today, many of these old fashioned concrete tanks were leaking due to ground shift, poor quality materials and shoddy workmanship.

AQUAMATE quickly saw a need in the marketplace and developed a complete tank using galvanized steel walls, steel roofs and polypropylene liners.  These water tanks could be transported and assembled almost anywhere, required no concrete, were not affected by ground shift and would set up in a matter of days.

As more companies began manufacturing this style tank AQUAMATE made a decision to use only the highest quality materials and those best suited for the design function of each part.  They continue this today and offer the highest quality, longest lasting and best warranted tank in the industry.  Their tanks provide decades of outstanding perfomance.  Materials and design are reasons AQUAMATE can offer a warranty twice as long as most other tank companies.

The entire tank, including the liner is fabricated in-house at state of the art facilities for absolute quality control.  Proven in thousands of installations, AQUAMATE will work for you too!

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